• Ammann


    Alfred Ammann-Bodmer is the great founder behind the Amman shoe factory. The Ammann family from Switzerland has been producing high-quality shoes since 1917. Ammann shoes are currently manufactured on the Swiss border in Italy.

  • Annalina


    The loafers of the Italian brand Annalina excel in fit. They are fully leather lined and have a removable leather footbed, which also creates space for your own footbed.

  • Blackstone


    In 1926 the Dutch brand Blackstone was originally founded as an importer of leather and shoes. In 1992 things changed when Blackstone was marketed by the third generation. Blackstone handcrafted footwear had become one of the most famous brands in our little country in no time. In an old cheese warehouse in Gouda, Blackstone shoes are still designed and manufactured.

  • Blundstone


    Blundstone was established in 1870. Despite growing to become one of the world's most recognizable boot brands, the brand remains Tasmanian. The brands’ head office and manufacturing base for their gumboots are located in Hobart, Tasmania: Australia’s island state.

  • Cypres


    Cypres is known for its beautiful shoes for both men and women. Cypres mainly works with flexible quality leather. We have an extensive Cypres collection with an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • Daniel Kenneth

    Daniel Kenneth

    Daniel Kenneth has got shoes for every gentleman! The Daniel Kenneth men's collection consists of both smooth leather and suede shoes. The brand Daniel Kenneth stands for good value for money. For an attractive price, you can shop a stylish pair of everyday shoes. Daniel Kenneth's men's shoes have a contemporary style and a nice smooth fit with a leather lining and a flexible rubber or leather sole.

  • Di Lauro

    Di Lauro

    Di Lauro is a shoe brand originating from Italy. Di Lauro women's shoes are made of the finest materials in surprising combinations and styles. The Di Lauro brand specializes in making shoes with a chic, fashionable look. Di Lauro combines the latest developments in fashion with an ultimate fit in, among others; sneakers, sandals, slippers, slingbacks & pumps. Di Lauro women's shoes have a trendy and timeless look and also have a nice fit, so they can be worn all day long.

  • DL Sport

    DL Sport

    DL Sport is an Italian brand that knows how to combine comfort and trends like no other. DL Sport focuses mainly on sporty sneakers and loafers for both men and women. DL Sport shoes are made of high-quality leather.

  • Dubarry


    1937 is the year that Dubarry of Ireland was founded to provide employment in Ireland. The design and production of the finest leather shoes was the most important activity. Dubarry gained an excellent reputation through the quality and excellent workmanship of the leather.

  • Evaluna


    The well-known style of Evaluna shoes has an age-old tradition that was born in 1996 and is characterized by a deep-rooted artisan culture that has been energized by a revolutionary style concept.

  • Everybody


    Everybody women's shoes are made of the smoothest leathers and have an excellent fit. Everybody makes beautiful ankle boots, ballerinas and boots. Everybody shoes have a beautiful and smooth Italian design.

  • Fila


    FILA's worldwide breakthrough finally came in 1974 - with fashion and sporty sneakers. To this day, FILA stands for sophistication and Italian craftsmanship, inspiring the sporting streets of the metropolises and catwalks of fashion shows across sport boundaries. The label has set itself the task of creating exquisite fashion that convinces in performance, design and flexibility.

  • Flecs


    Since 1993, the Italian brand Flecs uses a special way of dyeing leather, which gives each Flecs shoe a unique appearance. The brand's goal is to make high-quality men's shoes. Flecs shoes are therefore characterized by the use of high-quality materials.

  • Floris van Bommel

    Floris van Bommel

    Each season we add the finest Floris van Bommel shoes and accessories to our collection. Floris van Bommel, created as a seperate label of the classic shoe brand Van Bommel, has been known since 1996 for its fashionable men's shoes of excellent quality.

  • Fred de la Bretoniere

    Fred de la Bretoniere

    Fred de la Bretoniere has a permanent place in the fashion world. We have all seen the designer's casual designs with a rugged look. However, each season Fred de la Bretoniere incorporates the latest trends in the collection.

  • Gioia


    Gioia is a new brand in our shoe collection. This brand fabricates beautiful leather women's shoes for an acceptable price. In our collection, we have included some high boots, ankle boots, and Chelsea boots from the brand Gioia. The range of this brand varies from ankle boots with laces to boots with buckle, and from plain smooth leather boots to boots with specific Croco prints.

  • Giorgio


    Since 1958, shoe lovers have been enjoying the brand Giorgio. The founder, Giorgio Cugnini, teamed up with the Dutchman Marcel Koppen, which resulted in a great brand called "Giorgio". Giorgio shoes are entirely made in Italy but are specially adapted to the Dutch market. This proves that Italian finesse and Dutch comfort definitely go hand in hand.

  • Goosecraft


    The Dutch brand Gooscraft is specialzied in leather and is consciously creating fashionable apparel collection for the hidden rebels out there. Because of the contemporary designs and usage of extraordinary materials they are able to grasp the attention of the rebel within you and it is their mission to continue doing this season after season.

  • Harris


    If we had to pick one word to describe the brand Harris, we would firmly yell 'unique'! However, the brand is so much more than simply unique. Although Harris doesn't sound Italian, it is one of Italy's premium brands. 

  • Hartjes


    In 1953 Hartjes was founded by Heinrich Hartjes as an orthopedic workshop. This basic understanding of the human foot and its special requirements is the foundation of the success story of the HARTJES shoes. Comfort and health are the focus. Together with attractive design, HARTJES has become the largest shoe manufacturer in Austria.

  • Hassia


    Meet the comfortable shoe brand Hassia! This German brand manufactures comfort shoes with an excellent fit. Hassia shoes are made of beautiful leathers provided with a calf leather lining. The footbed is made of calfskin, which provides optimal absorption and moisture drainage. The extra support under the forefoot and the different fittings are two of Hassia's characteristics.

  • Hey Dude

    Hey Dude

    The comfortable Hey Dude loafers for men and women are perfect for summer season! Step by step, Hey Dude makes life easier, regardless of the environment. These comfortable shoes will change your attitude to life in the game, at work, and after exercise.

  • Hispanitas


    If you are looking for elegant and comfortable shoes, Hispanitas is the right brand for you! This Spanish shoe brand uses soft materials and colors. Check out our Hispanitas collection with Hispanitas sneakers, sandals, lace-up shoes and boots online or in one of our stores in Maastricht.

  • HOFF


    Shop The HOFF Brand at MONFRANCE shoes! These Spanish sneakers are a must-have in your shoe collection. The Hall Of Fame brand is known for its remarkable and colourful sneakers. 

  • Hugo Boss

    Hugo Boss

    The German brand HUGO BOSS is known worldwide by their shoes, clothing, glasses, and more fashion items. HUGO BOSS offers many different models of shoes. For example, the HUGO BOSS men's sneakers have an elegant and casual look. The sneakers are made of a combination of soft suede and smooth leather. HUGO BOSS shoes can be combined with different clothing styles and you are assured of a stylish look.

  • Ilse Jacobsen

    Ilse Jacobsen

    Ilse Jacobsen is a brand that, just like the founder herself, comes from Denmark. Ilse Jacobsen is mainly known for her collection of excellent and stylish rain boots and raincoats. She knows how to perfectly combine functionality and style in her products, which suit both a life in the city and nature.

  • Kanna


    Kanna was founded in 1985 by the brothers Juan and Tomás De La Cerda. Kanna is located in Caravaca de la Cruz, Region of Murcia. This area is the birthplace of the production of espadrilles and the use and production of jute. The DNA and foundation of the brand is the manufacturing of handmade jute shoes crafted with the regional technique called “punto ojal?, being the attachment of the sole to the upper 100% hand-sewn.

  • Lamica


    Lamica is a beautiful Italian addition to your shoe collection. Lamica has an extensive collection of beautiful leather boots and ankle boots, but also loafers and sandals. These soft boots come in many different calf-widths. Are you looking for a fashionable boot with an extra narrow or wide shaft? In our Lamica women's collection you will find them all.

  • Lilian


    Lilian is a beautiful Italian brand that appeals to many women. Lilian women's shoes are manufactured in a small handicraft factory in the Italian province of De Marche. Lilian shoes are entirely produced in Italy and are therefore one of the few brands with the slogan '100% made in Italy'. Lilian shoes provides a varied collection of shoes every season, such as boots, ankle boots, loafers, pumps and sandals.

  • Lollipops


    Lollipops Paris was founded in 1994 and quickly grew into a successful brand. Lollipops bags are known for their sparkling, elegant and powerful look. If you are looking for a nice addition to your outfit, then Lollipops really is an option. Lollipops has various models of bags in different colours. In addition, Lollipops also has beautiful wallets that match the Lollipops bags.

  • Magnanni


    Magnanni is a family company based in the Spanish village Almansa. This small family company has expanded to an international brand. In 1954 sir Sebastián Blanco Aldomar decided that after working for several shoe factories for years, it was time to start up his own business. Based on the knowledge and craftmanship he gained over the years, het started up his own company at age 44. On the ground floor of his house he created a small work place where he and his five employees started producing shoes. In 1956, Sebastián Blanco Aldomar entered a partnership with Antonio Garcia Pastor and started producing shoes under the name Blanger. Much later the brand changed its name to Maganni.

  • Marian


    Marian is a Spanish fashion brand that started making shoes in 1974. When it comes to shoes, the brand specializes in making women's shoes, including high boots, ankle boots, and pumps.

  • Michael Kors

    Michael Kors

    Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of shoes and luxury accessories. Established in 1981, Michael Kors designed his first collection years ago, he envisioned a style he has always maintained.

    In addition to a beautiful clothing line, this fashion guru has launched an extensive collection of shoes and luxury accessories that fit perfectly together

  • Miss Behave

    Miss Behave

    Miss Behave is a brand that is best known for its wide range of cool biker boots for women.

  • Nalini


    Nalini is a leading Italian shoe brand that perfectly matches the fashionable woman. Every season Nalini puts together a collection with an eye for all possible feminine shapes. The Nalini boots are provided with different calf widths and every woman will find a shoe to her style. In addition, Nalini products reflect the most beautiful fashion trends.

  • Nathan Baume
  • Nubikk


    Nubikk is a rugged Dutch brand that collaborates with European manufacturers. Nubikk is a creative brand that mainly focuses on stunning boots and sneakers according to the latest trends. In 2012 Nubikk released its first collection of Nubikk shoes and became popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

  • Pascucci


    At Monfrance shoe fashion you will find beautiful women's shoes from the Pascucci brand. An Italian shoe brand that follows fashion closely every season. A hip collection with different variants, there are black elegant slip-ons that can be combined with all clothing. But also the brightly colored loafers that are more daring and striking, but can also make an outfit spic and span. The women's shoes have a pleasant fit with excellent quality.

  • Paul Green

    Paul Green

    One of Paul Green's characteristics is the shoes perfect fit. Each Paul Green shoe must meet fifty values ​​before leaving the shoe factory. The basis of Paul Green shoes is a handmade design.

  • Peter Kaiser

    Peter Kaiser

    In 1838 Peter Kaiser founded what we now know as Europe's oldest shoe factory. Merely 5 years later the brand started exporting its collections to foreign countries. As one of the fathers of shoe export, the brand kept following the latest trends. Peter Kaiser created a brand that will not age and will stay on foot for the upcoming years.

  • Poelman


    At MONFRANCE we have a wide range of Poelman shoes. Poelman started making trendy women's shoes about 15 years ago where quality is paramount. Poelman currently has very nice fashionable complete collections for ladies all over the world.

  • Rapid Soul

    Rapid Soul

    Rapid Soul is a really fashionable shoe brand and is known for real quality shoes. The women's and men's shoes are made of high-quality leather and have a nice wearing comfort.

  • Rapisardi


    If you are looking for elegant (ankle) boots, Rapisardi is the right place for you. The long boots from Rapisardi have an elastic shaft so the boot fits perfectly on your calf. In addition to an extensive collection of long Rapisardi boots, we also have a nice collection of Rapisardi ankle boots. From fashionable sneakers, ankle boots to long knee boots, Rapisardi has it all.

  • Red Rag

    Red Rag

    Red Rag is a Dutch shoe brand founded in 2005 and at that time focused on the children's shoe market. Nowadays Red-Rag also designs women's shoes of excellent quality.

  • Roberto D' Angelo

    Roberto D' Angelo

    Roberto d’Angelo is a brand that makes classy shoes and bags for women. Every season Roberto d’Angelo manages to put together a collection that matches the latest fashion trends.

  • Santoni


    Santoni offers a wide range of shoes. The collection consists of different models, like dressed and sporty shoes. In 1975 the brand was founded in the Italian city Corridonia. Santoni has extended to an international brand that continues to produce high-quality shoes.

  • Scotch & Soda

    Scotch & Soda

    Scotch & Soda is founded in 1985 and bought in 2000 by three ambitious misfits who have given the brand a unique place in the fashion landscape. Challenge the status quo with Scotch & Soda sneakers. Our fashionable aesthetic is quirky and daring; we are not afraid of clashing prints and we make unexpected sneaker combinations - more is more, we think.

  • Sendra


    Sendra boots are no ordinary boots. These beautiful boots are manufactured from the finest leathers and are almost entirely handmade.

  • Shabbies


    Shabbies is originally a Dutch brand that originated in our capital Amsterdam. The founder of Shabbies, Fred de la Bretonière, who founded the brand "Fred de la Bretonière" in 1970, added Shabbies Amsterdam to his collection in 2004. The shoes from Shabbies have a tough and pure look and are therefore ideal for women who stand firm.

  • Si


    The women's shoes from Si are specially designed for the modern woman who is always looking for something special. Check out our Si collection with beautiful loafers, sandals and ballet flats.

  • Tango


    Tango Shoes is a Dutch shoe brand founded around 2015. Tango shoes are made of beautiful materials and trendy basic colours. In addition, Tango shoes have removable insoles. Tango sneakers and boots are designed for women who do not push the boundaries, but prefer trendy shoes with a nice fit.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger

    High-quality products with American style, that is the best description of Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985 by the eponymous chief designer. The popular Tommy Hilfiger brand, known worldwide, stands out for its uniqueness. Every pair of shoes has its own special design.

  • UGG


    UGG represents high quality products containing silky soft sheepskin. Only the finest, most luxurious and softest sheepskin is up to standard. Each sheepskin goes through a sharp process. UGG selects the best, stainless, finest structures and only uses the pieces of wool, which contain hairs that stand up. The final product is sheepskin worthy of the name UGG.

  • Unisa


    The Spanish brand Unisa was founded in the 70s and is known for its comfortable fit and use of beautiful leather. The brand strives for a perfect correlation between all kinds of influences and styles. Therefore, the result is a beautiful product designed for modern business women, which can be worn every day.

  • Van Bommel

    Van Bommel

    The Dutch brand van Bommel is without any doubt one of the biggest shoe brands in our country. The family business has a long history and is now run by the ninth generation. Nowadays, the company Van Bommel still produces beautiful shoes and matching belts.



    VIA VAI is a Dutch brand in our collection. VIA VAI shoes meet the latest trends, but good quality and comfort have also been thought of. The VIA VAI sneakers in our collection are characterized by their cool look, because many sneakers are finished with chunky soles. In addition to VIA VAI sneakers, we also offer VIA VAI boots and sandals

  • Viguera


    Viguera was founded in 1980 and has a lot of experience in the shoe world. Two influential values of Viguera are comfort and quality. High-quality materials are used, so that the Viguera shoes feel comfortable.

  • Vivian Ray

    Vivian Ray

    Vivian Ray is a shoe brand we recently added to our shoe collection! This brand mainly fabricates cool ladies' boots. In our collection, you will find different suede ankle boots from Vivian Ray.

  • Volare


    The Italian brand Lilian has put together a beautiful comfort collection under the name Volare. Volare shoes, like Lilian shoes, are 100% manufactured in Italy. Only the best leathers are used and the shoes of this brand are available in both full and half sizes.

  • Waldlaufer


    Waldlaufer shoes are very comfortable and have a perfect fit. This German brand uses only the finest quality leathers. A pair of Waldläufer shoes is also a perfect solution for women with sensitive feet. Waldläufer shoes are decent shoes with a classic look that can be worn in combination with every style.

  • Walk in the Park

    Walk in the Park

    Uncomplicated, fashion-conscious with a vintage look. That’s what this brand stands for. Their main goal is to combine both sustainability and quality. Walk in the Park shoes are being made in Italy. Only pieces of top-quality leather are used to fabricate the Walk in the Park shoes. A combination of the best leather and a specific production method ensures that Walk in the Park shoes get their rough look.

  • Woden


    WOrks Of DENmark. If we talk about Danish design and respect for the world, we are mentioning Woden. This Scandinavian sneaker brand was founded in 2013 by C. Holm and P. Hildebrandt. They created a shoe brand with good quality and an average price.

  • Zinda


    The Spanish women's shoe brand Zinda originated in the Alicante province in the early 1960s and was officially launched in 1992. The Spaniard Manuel Martínez Linares took over the management of the shoe factory from his grandfather. Using modernized machines, he turned the small factory that focused only on the local market into an international shoe factory. Designers of this work create shoes for dynamic and elegant women who love fashion and comfort. The delivery of quality is and remains the main motivation of this Spanish label.

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