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Do you remember earlier that you had to wear a rain suit on your bike to high school! Every fashion-conscious young lady was ashamed to arrive at school like that. Imagine if that cute guy saw you show up at school like this. Very embarrassing, right?

Fortunately, there are beautiful raincoats from Ilse Jacobsen for women. These raincoats are designed by the Danish Ilse Jacobsen, who was born and raised in a small harbor town near Copenhagen. Inspired by the natural and raw beauty of the area, Ilse Jacobsen has been a household name in the field of stylish rainwear for years. The water-repellent and at the same time breathable materials ensure that you are ready for all weather conditions. These beautiful designs with feminine shapes and details make you look stylish. Much attention has been paid to fit, comfort and functionality.

Ilse Jacobsen raincoats are made of breathable softshell material, so you can move freely in the rain. A membrane of Teflon Nanotech forms an invisible shield against wind and weather. The stitched seams prevent water from entering and keep you dry and comfortable. The jackets have a two-part zipper so that it doesn't feel too tight in the wrong places. This softshell raincoat is for you.

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