Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an overview of the frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!


  • Where can my parcel be delivered?

    Your order can be delivered on any address as long as it is a house or work address or a PostNL pick up location.
    We do not ship to mailboxes.

    If you choose for delivery at your work address, please mention the company name.

  • How long does it take for my order to be shipped and delivered?

    Orders placed in our webshop will be processed and shipped within 1 to 2 working days. Orders which are placed during weekends or holidays will be shipped the following working day.

    Delivery period within The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
    Orders within The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are generally delivered by PostNL within 1-2 working days (PostNL also delivers on Saturdays).

    Delivery period Germany
    Orders within Germany are generally delivered by PostNL within 2-3 working days (PostNL also delivers on Saturdays).
  • To which countries do you ship?

    We ship to house and work addresses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It is possible to ship the order to a PostNL service location nearby. This is only possible for shipment in The Netherlands.
  • Do I need to pay for the shipping costs?

    Delivery address in The Netherlands and Belgium
    Free shipment by PostNL within the Netherlands and Belgium for orders of €75,00 and more. If you spend less than €75,00 a €6,75 shipping fee will be charged. Shipping costs will not be refunded when you return your order.

    Delivery address in Germany and Luxembourg
    For shipments to Germany a €10,00 shipping fee will be charged. For shipments to Luxembourg a €12,00 shipping fee will be charged. Shipping costs will not be refunded when you return your order.
    MONFRANCE shoes cannot be held responsible when a customer provides us with an incorrect address. If a parcel is returned to the webshop of MONFRANCE shoes following a wrong and/or incorrect address, the customer will be responsible for the returning costs and eventual shipping costs to resend the parcel.
  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    If you have placed an order and it's not shipped yet, it's still possible to change or cancel it. Once you have received an e-mail with the link to the PostNL Track&Trace page, it's not possible to cancel anymore.

    Please send asap an e-mail to our customer service to change or cancel your order.
  • Can I pick up my order in one of the shops?

    It is not possible to pick up your online order in one of our MONFRANCE shops in Maastricht. Online orders can only be sent with PostNL.
  • Can you order an out of stock item?

    Some items or specific sizes can be reordered. You can send us an email. We can then inform you whether we expect the item to come back in stock. Do you rather wish to speak to our customer services personally? You can reach us on telephone number +31(0) 43 321 33 12 from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Why is my order afterwards not deliverable?

    It could happen that the article you've ordered is no longer available, because an article was ordered multiple times in a short notice while there was only one article available. The order which we received first will be processed and the other one(s) unfortunately will be canceled.
    If your order is not deliverable and canceled, we will inform you by e-mail asap and immediately refund the purchase amount to the bankaccount you have done the payment with. It may take a few working days before this is visible on your account again.
  • How do I know which shop has my desired item in stock?

    If you wish to inquire which shop has your desired item in stock, you can select the desired size on the page of the desired item and click on ‘view store inventory’.



Exchanging and returning

  • Can I exchange my order?

    Exchanging is not possible. If you want a different colour, size or model, you need to return your current order and place a new order in our webshop (or buy the item in one of our stores in Maastricht).

  • Can I return my order?

    If an item does not meet your expectations, you may return the item within 14 (calendar) days of receipt, provided unworn, undamaged and in the original packaging. Enclose the return form, which you received with your order, with your return. You are solely responsible for returning the goods within 14 days.

    Am I responsible for the costs of the return?
    You can return your parcel on own costs by mail or deliver your parcel in one of our stores in Maastricht. Please note that returning in our stores is only possible from Monday to Friday and is free of charge. 

    Returning by mail:
    Please make sure you take the parcel to a post office within 3 days. The post office servant will add a barcode to your parcel following a 3S-code. This code allows you to track your parcel.
    Returning your order is at own risk. We are not responsible for lost or damaged returns. We recommend you keep your return shipment receipt in case your parcel might accidentally be lost or damaged. You can then use this shipping receipt to file your complaint at PostNL/Bpost/DPD. Unfortunately, we cannot act as a mediator.

    Returning in one of our stores:
    - Register your return via or fill in the contact form;
    - Fill in the return form and add it to your order. Without a return form the store employee cannot accept your return shipment;
    - Then package the items in the original shipping box;
    - Return your package after a return notification within 3 working days on presentation of your invoice in one of our stores in Maastricht.
    Please note, this is only possible during the week. No returns are accepted on weekends!
    The return shipment will be handled by the webshop. This means that you will not get money back in the store. The webshop credits the purchase amount as soon as possible.
    You cannot exchange your online order in the store. If you want a different color, size or model, this purchase can be settled in the store or re-ordered in our webshop.

    When will I be refunded?
    As soon as we have received your return, it will be checked. After this, will refund the purchase amount within two working days. Has the parcel not been shipped within 3 days after registration, has the return form not been enclosed, or does your purchase appear not to be in the same condition as it was when we sent it to you, we will not be able to process your return.
    *MONFRANCE shoes reserves the right to charge shipping costst for customers who frequently return orders. Returning your order is at your own risk.
  • Can I return my online order for free?

    Returning items by mail is for own costs. If an item does not meet your expectations, you must return the item within 14 (calendar) days of receipt, provided unworn, undamaged and in the original packaging. Follow the instructions on the return form, which is included with your order. Enclose the return form with your return. Returns without return form or which have not been registered before shipment, will not be processed. In addition, you are solely responsible for registering your return shipment and for returning the goods within 14 days.
    You can return items for free in one of our stores in Maastricht. We keep the date that the package was delivered at the delivery address as the receipt date.
    Can I exchange an online order?
    If you want to exchange an item, please return the item in question and place a new order in our webshop for the item you want.
    *MONFRANCE shoes reserves the right to charge shipping costst for customers who frequently return orders. Returning your order is at your own risk.
  • Within what term will the purchase amount be credited?

    As soon as your return has been received, the purchase amount will be credited to the account you paid with within 2 working days, provided the item is unworn and undamaged and in the original packaging.

    After crediting, it can take a few working days before the purchase amount is visible in your account.
  • Can I return my order in one of the stores?

    It is only possible to return in one of our stores in Maastricht during the week. This must be done within 14 (calendar) days of receipt, provided that the item is unworn and undamaged and in the original packaging. To do this, follow the instructions on the return form that you received with your order and which you should add to your return shipment.

    Keep in mind that the return will be handled by the webshop. This means that you will not get a refund in the store. The webshop will credit the purchase amount to the account you have paid with as soon as possible.

    * Returning in one of our stores is not possible due to the lockdown. We want to offer you the service of returning at our webshop location in Maastricht. Do you want to use this service? Please send an email to to make an appointment.
  • Wat is the return address?

    Our return address is:

    MONFRANCE webshop
    Watermolen 4
    6229 PM Maastricht
  • How do i return my order?

    Because returning to us is entirely at your own expense, there is no return sticker with our orders.
    To return an order, you must remove or cover the old shipping sticker that is on the shipping box and write our address on the box.

    You can then return the package to your nearest parcel point by registering it as a shipment.

    As soon as we have received your package, we will process this return and within a few days you will receive the purchase amount of the returned shoes refunded to the account with which the order was placed.

Guarantee and complaints


  • What is your size guideline per brand?

    Check out our size guideline per brand. Our size advise is a generally valid advice, the size can be different on each model and foot.

  • My size is out of stock, can it be reordered?

    Some items or specific sizes can be reordered. You can send us an email. We can then inform you whether we expect the item to come back in stock. Do you rather wish to speak to our customer services personally? You can reach us on telephone number +31(0) 43 321 33 12 from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • How are calf widths determined?

    Our collection consists of boots with various calf widths, ranging between XS and XL. If you would like to be informed of the calf width of a certain model, you can contact by email. Please state which product you are interested in and what shoe size you usually wear.
    We will then measure the calf width for you. The calf width will be determined by measuring around the widest part of the shaft.
  • What does a S, M or L calf width stand for?

    Our collection includes many boots with different calf widths. These boots can be displayed with a XS, S, M, L or XL label. These calf widths are determined by the shoe manufacturerer and are as follows:
    • XS - extra narrow shaft
    • S - narrow shaft
    • M - normal shaft
    • L - wide shaft
    • XL - extra wide shaft
    Please keep in mind that the calf widths can vary per brand and model. In addition the exact calf width depends on your shoe size. Do you want to be informed of a certain pair of boots? Please contact our customer services.
  • Size guideline (Floris) van Bommel

    Click here for the (Floris) van Bommel size guideline.

Care tips

  • How do I take care of my Dubarry boots?

    Step 1: Remove dirt, mud, manure, salt water etc. with clean cold water using a brush if necessary to get rid of more stubborn grime.

    Step 2: Apply Dubarry Footwear Cleaner all over and scrub with a brush to remove more ingrained dirt and other residues. Work this to get a generous lather and don’t be afraid to scrub the leather vigorously. 

    Step 3: Rinse excess cleaner and lather from the boots with clean cold water.

    Step 4: Dry naturally; ideally air dry for 24 hours before any further treatment. Never use artificial heat or leave near an open fire or range.

    Step 5: Spray Dubarry Footwear Protector all over, particularly to any suede or nubuck leather on your boots; apply several layers, allowing absorption of each layer, before applying the next. This step is best completed outside. 

    Step 6: Leave your boots to dry naturally for 2-3 hours. 

    Step 7: Apply Dubarry Leather Cream sparingly to the smooth leather only, rubbing in gently with a clean, soft cloth or brush, paying particular attention to the flex area, that bends as you walk.

    Extra protection: Repeated wetting and drying can eventually cause leather to crack. Like human skin these natural leathers require regular moisturising. Dubarry Leather Cream, the most important of all our care products, contains tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, emu oil, beeswax and lanolin to help protect, preserve and soften the leather while enhancing the water repellent properties. 

    Note: Leather Cream is for use on smooth leathers only and NOT on suede or nubuck leather. The Leather Cream will often cause lighter coloured leathers to darken in colour.
  • How do I take care of my pony hair product?

    Leather bags and shoes are made of the flesh side of leather. In addition, 'pony hair' items are made of the hair side of this leather. Although it is called pony hair no ponies are used for the production of this material. Taking proper care of your 'pony hair' product will keep it in good condition and will expand its lifespan. For correct care of this material we refer you to the following suggestions:

    • Pony hair is extremely delicate and will eventually wear over time; in the end hair loss is inevitable. It is of the utmost importance you do not wear this material in wet conditions (as this will cause the hair to fall out);
    • Prevent the hair from rubbing on other surfaces; this will result in hair loss;
    • Wipe pony hair carefully in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth;
    • Coloured pony hair may transfer onto lighter materials when purchased and when wet;
    • To expand your product's lifespan we recommend you apply a waterproof spray (at 30 cm distance) on the product before wearing for the first time. Repeat regularly.

    Please note that pony hair cannot be repaired when damaged. Damages to pony hair are always considered as wear and tear damage. Since hair loss is inevitable, pony hair products do not fall under our guarantee policy.
  • How do I take good care of my shoes and boots?

    If you want to enjoy your shoes as long as possible, we advice you to make them last longer by applying the following instructions:

    • To keep your shoes in good condition and shape we recommend you use cedar shoe trees. Cedar wood has the ability to take the moisture out of the shoe and slays mold and bacteria. Cedar also has a fresh scent. You will find luxurious adjustable cedar shoe trees in our online shop (and in our shops);

    • Leather is a natural product. It is a misconception that expensive shoes are by definition stronger or better. The used materials are more comfortable, more beautiful, but also more vulnerable. Small differences in colour and imperfections confirm the natural quality of the product. Taking good care of your shoes is important to make them last longer;

    • Always spray your shoes completely with a water-repellent spray before first use. Make sure the spray is suitable for your shoes. Repeat the spraying regularly;

    • You can never clean your shoes too often, however you can apply the shoe polish too thick. Make sure the shoes are dry and clean before you start polishing them. Coloured shoes must be maintained with a tailored care product in the right colour. Apply the shoe polish on the shoes and leave them for a couple of hours before brushing them. This way the leather will absorb the cream polish;

    • Suede and nubuck (sanded leather) must be taken care of with a velvet or nubuck block or special brush and then always be impregnated with a spray (never a cream) to keep the leather from absorbing dirt and water;

    • Only rubber boots are waterproof. Leather shoes stay water-repellent if you take good care of them;

    • Regularly switching between shoes enhances their lifespan. Let the shoes rest for a day, preferably with a shoe stretcher, after you have worn them. This way the moisture absorbed by the shoe gets a chance to evaporate;

    • Do not let shoes that have gotten wet due to snow or rain dry near a heater or radiator. Instead let them dry at room temperature, preferably with a shoe tree. Heat makes the leather expand which causes it to burst;

    • Patent leather is particularly sensitive to sharp changes in temperature. Taking care of the leather with special patent leather mouse prevents cracking of the leather. Nevertheless, patent leather is not included in the guarantee policy;

    • Never rinse your shoes in a washing machine. This can cause them to smear and it dissolves the glue;

    • New leather soles are slippery. Before wearing you can roughen them up with sand paper. Be careful with leather and plastic soles when walking on (wet) slippery floors like marble floors. Crepe soles are not stiff but slippery when walking on snow and ice;

    • Aggravating or stiffening the outsole by applying an additional sole, reduces the flexibility of the sole and imposes requirements on the upper part of the shoe. The upper part of the shoe may break due to the appliance of an additional sole. In that case, no guarantee can be given;

    • Worn out soles do not signify the need to throw away your shoes. In many cases a shoemaker can expertly repair them. Once shoes have been provided with a new sole they are no longer included in the guarantee policy;

    • Shoe fasteners (laces, buckles) should be loosened when putting on and taking off shoes. Avoid a broken zipper by always zipping carefully. No guarantee can be given on zippers and laces. To avoid roughness of the zipper you can spray the zipper with a special spray. The use of shoe trees extends the lifespan of your shoes and prevents tearing and deformation of the heel reinforcement;

    • Caution is required when wearing shoes decorated with sequins, rhinestones and other applications since they are not included in the guarantee policy;

    • Textile, linen and artificial silk are no leather materials. These materials have different qualities and are therefore not included in the guarantee policy;

    • All the materials may emit color when they come in contact with body heat or moisture. This may vary per person. Keep this in mind when wearing the shoes for example, on bright clothing. We cannot accept responsibility for the consequences;

    • Caution is advised when wearing shoes with sleek, thin and high heels. They can easily get stuck between stones and escalators. Ankle sprains and breaking heels are part of the risks of wearing these shoes. Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for the consequences. 

    Finally: wear shoes and boots as they are intended. Leather is a natural product and shoes are made in a complicated process, largely by hand. Despite internal controls during and after manufacturing the shoe, flaws can sometimes be overseen. In many cases, a flaw can be resolved quickly; sometimes it takes a little longer.

    Always notify us by completing the contact form before returning the shoes or boots. We will then indicate how to act so that the problem can be resolved quickly.
  • How do I take care of my UGG Australia product?

    All UGG products are made of only the best (A grade) quality sheepskin. The sheepskin is treated on both the fleece, and the skin side, thus providing the soft comfort that UGG is known for. Sheepskin is naturally thermostatic, which allows bare feet to keep the body temperature regardless of the temperature outside. UGG sheepskin footwear can therefore be worn all year round. No other material keeps your feet so naturally cool and warm at the same time. Once you have experienced this, you'll understand why you have to feel it yourself in order to believe it. UGG is growing explosively every year and is worldwide the biggest lifestyle brand in the 'luxury, comfort and style’ segment.

    Sheepskin treatment
    Sheepskin is a natural product consisting of a very delicate material that requires a special care and cleaning method. For optimal protection, we recommend treating the boots with an UGG Water and Stain Repellant before wearing them for the first time. To clean your UGG products we recommend using the UGG Cleaner & Conditioner. You can only clean the boots manually, NOT in the washing machine!

    Most common damages
    As stated above, sheepskin is vulnerable. Make sure you are properly advised about the UGG boots during your purchase and treat them carefully so that your UGG boots remain in good condition. If you should have any complaints, you can submit your complaint together with your product and purchase receipt to your UGG Australia dealer. They can assess to what extend they can repair the damage to your shoe. Below you can read about the possible options for the most common claims that are not covered by the guarantee policy.

    Punctured nose
    The anatomy of the foot and the length of the toenails can have a major influence on the wear and tear damage to the nose of the UGG boot. If the toe (nail) rubs against the inside of the sheepskin, the sheepskin protection wears out. The toe can then tear through the unprotected inner skin and thus creates a hole in the front of the UGG boot. If the wool on the inside has worn out or a hole has occurred in the nose of the UGG boot, you can take the UGG boots to your UGG your dealer for repair. Guarantee: This complaint is not included in the guarantee policy, since it falls under wear and tear damage. If desired repairing is possible. However, it will always be visible that a hole has been repaired.

    Worn out wool
    If your foot has too much room the wool at the heel can wear out. If the wool at the heel of your boot has worn out you can take your boots to your UGG dealer for repair.

    Worn out insoles
    Here the following rule applies: the better the fit, the less friction, which prevents premature wear and tear damage to the woolen inner soles. Depending on the intensity of usage, the gait pattern and the anatomy of the foot, this wear and tear damage will sooner or later occur. Guarantee: This complaint is not included in the guarantee policy, since it falls under wear and tear damage. If desired repairing is possible. In some cases (if your UGG boots have removable insoles) you can solve this problem yourself by buying insoles from your UGG dealer.

    Damage to nose band
    Normally, the piping of the sole will not come in contact with the ground. Should this happen unexpectedly, it may cause damage to the nose. Placing a new piece of band on the nose, which will always stay a little visible, is a way to repair this damage. Guarantuee: this complaint falls under wear and tear damage and will therefore not be covered. If desired repairing is possible.

    Sheepskin torn along the stitched seam
    Due to its vulnerability UGG footwear should be carefully put on and pulled off in order to prevent the sheepskin from tearing along the stitched seam. Putting on the boots with two hands will prevent you from putting too much pressure on the stitched seam. Guarantee: this complaint is not included in the guarantuee policy if the leather is of good quality. Repairing is possible. 

    We are proud of the quality of our UGG collection. If you take the points stated above to heart you will enjoy this beautiful product for a long time. We guarantee quality, luxury and a unique and cozy comfort!

Other questions

  • When does the sale start?

    We can never pinpoint when the sale will start. This depends on multiple factors.
  • How do I subscribe for the newsletter?

    We like to inform you on the latest trends and special offers you should not miss out on! Click here to subscribe for our newsletter.
  • How do I sign out from your newsletter?

    If you wish to sign out from our newsletter you can do so via the link at the bottom of our newsletters. You can also send an email to request a sign out.
  • What is a continuous model?

    A continuous model is a pair of shoes that have a permanent place within our collection. These shoes are restocked every season if necessary. During the sale period, these continuous models will not be discounted more than 10%.
  • What are the General Terms and Conditions?

    You can find the General Terms and Conditions here.
  • Do I need to create an account at MONFRANCE shoes?

    No, you are not obliged to create an account. However, the advantages of an account are:

    • Quick and easy ordering process;
    • Add articles to your wishlist;
    • All your order information safe in one place.
  • How are my personal data used?

    All personal information you provide us with is used to process and send your order as quickly and easily as possible. Only with your permission we will use your data for the remainder. MONFRANCE shoes will never sell your personal information to third parties. Your personal data will only be available to third parties involved in processing your order. Read our privacy statement for more information.
  • How can I use my gift card?

    You can use your gift card in our shops as well as in our online shop. If you wish to use your gift card in our online shop, we kindly ask you to contact our customer services. Our employees will exchange your gift card for a discount code which can be used in our online shop. This discount code can be entered during the checkout process. Your new total purchase amount will be recalculated immediately.
  • Are items checked before shipment?

    We conduct an extensive quality check before shipping your order. If an item does not meet our requirements, you will be informed by email. If your order consists of multiple items, we will refund the amount paid for the item that does not meet our quality requirements and ship the other part of your order.