How do I take care of my UGG Australia product?

All UGG products are made of only the best (A grade) quality sheepskin. The sheepskin is treated on both the fleece, and the skin side, thus providing the soft comfort that UGG is known for. Sheepskin is naturally thermostatic, which allows bare feet to keep the body temperature regardless of the temperature outside. UGG sheepskin footwear can therefore be worn all year round. No other material keeps your feet so naturally cool and warm at the same time. Once you have experienced this, you'll understand why you have to feel it yourself in order to believe it. UGG is growing explosively every year and is worldwide the biggest lifestyle brand in the 'luxury, comfort and style’ segment.

Sheepskin treatment
Sheepskin is a natural product consisting of a very delicate material that requires a special care and cleaning method. For optimal protection, we recommend treating the boots with an UGG Water and Stain Repellant before wearing them for the first time. To clean your UGG products we recommend using the UGG Cleaner & Conditioner. You can only clean the boots manually, NOT in the washing machine!

Most common damages
As stated above, sheepskin is vulnerable. Make sure you are properly advised about the UGG boots during your purchase and treat them carefully so that your UGG boots remain in good condition. If you should have any complaints, you can submit your complaint together with your product and purchase receipt to your UGG Australia dealer. They can assess to what extend they can repair the damage to your shoe. Below you can read about the possible options for the most common claims that are not covered by the guarantee policy.

Punctured nose
The anatomy of the foot and the length of the toenails can have a major influence on the wear and tear damage to the nose of the UGG boot. If the toe (nail) rubs against the inside of the sheepskin, the sheepskin protection wears out. The toe can then tear through the unprotected inner skin and thus creates a hole in the front of the UGG boot. If the wool on the inside has worn out or a hole has occurred in the nose of the UGG boot, you can take the UGG boots to your UGG your dealer for repair. Guarantee: This complaint is not included in the guarantee policy, since it falls under wear and tear damage. If desired repairing is possible. However, it will always be visible that a hole has been repaired.

Worn out wool
If your foot has too much room the wool at the heel can wear out. If the wool at the heel of your boot has worn out you can take your boots to your UGG dealer for repair.

Worn out insoles
Here the following rule applies: the better the fit, the less friction, which prevents premature wear and tear damage to the woolen inner soles. Depending on the intensity of usage, the gait pattern and the anatomy of the foot, this wear and tear damage will sooner or later occur. Guarantee: This complaint is not included in the guarantee policy, since it falls under wear and tear damage. If desired repairing is possible. In some cases (if your UGG boots have removable insoles) you can solve this problem yourself by buying insoles from your UGG dealer.

Damage to nose band
Normally, the piping of the sole will not come in contact with the ground. Should this happen unexpectedly, it may cause damage to the nose. Placing a new piece of band on the nose, which will always stay a little visible, is a way to repair this damage. Guarantuee: this complaint falls under wear and tear damage and will therefore not be covered. If desired repairing is possible.

Sheepskin torn along the stitched seam
Due to its vulnerability UGG footwear should be carefully put on and pulled off in order to prevent the sheepskin from tearing along the stitched seam. Putting on the boots with two hands will prevent you from putting too much pressure on the stitched seam. Guarantee: this complaint is not included in the guarantuee policy if the leather is of good quality. Repairing is possible. 

We are proud of the quality of our UGG collection. If you take the points stated above to heart you will enjoy this beautiful product for a long time. We guarantee quality, luxury and a unique and cozy comfort!