How do I take care of my pony hair product?

Leather bags and shoes are made of the flesh side of leather. In addition, 'pony hair' items are made of the hair side of this leather. Although it is called pony hair no ponies are used for the production of this material. Taking proper care of your 'pony hair' product will keep it in good condition and will expand its lifespan. For correct care of this material we refer you to the following suggestions:

  • Pony hair is extremely delicate and will eventually wear over time; in the end hair loss is inevitable. It is of the utmost importance you do not wear this material in wet conditions (as this will cause the hair to fall out);
  • Prevent the hair from rubbing on other surfaces; this will result in hair loss;
  • Wipe pony hair carefully in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth;
  • Coloured pony hair may transfer onto lighter materials when purchased and when wet;
  • To expand your product's lifespan we recommend you apply a waterproof spray (at 30 cm distance) on the product before wearing for the first time. Repeat regularly.

Please note that pony hair cannot be repaired when damaged. Damages to pony hair are always considered as wear and tear damage. Since hair loss is inevitable, pony hair products do not fall under our guarantee policy.